Just Therapy offers a range of healthcare treatments. Be assured that all are delivered by registered and fully insured professionals.

If you have any queries email or call and the appropriate therapist will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Our physiotherapists are able to treat a wide range of conditions from joint pain, to tendonopathies, sports injuries, post surgery rehab or chronic pains. All physios utilise a wide range of treatment options such as joint mobilisations, exercise, dry needling and trigger point release. The aim is to relieve the symptoms and treat the root cause of the problem so that reoccurance is avoided.


All physiotherapists are HCPC and CSP registered.

We are registered with many insurance companies, please see the fees page for more information.

Massage has been shown to have many beneficial effects. These range from decreased muscular tension, reducing stres and alleviating pain. Some studies have also linked massage with the benefits of improved digestion and anxiety levels.


All out massage therapist have undergone extensive training and are fully insured.

Just Therapy is pleased to offer small classes including pilates, antenatal and postnatal pilates and chair based exercise classes.


A friendly and welcoming environment, there is a class for all abilities.


Our HCPC registered podiatrist can keep your feet maintained with routine treatment, but also carries out minor surgical proceedures such as toenail surgery and verruca needling.

Our footcare specialist offers a toenail cutting service, suitable for those who struggle cutting their own nails or for diabetics who would prefer their nails to be professionally cut.

Acupuncture has been practised for thousands of years and involves the insertion of fine, sterile, single-use needles, in varying points over the body in order to rebalance the body and restore health.

We know that it can influence the nervous system, blood flow, muscle tone, pain systems and stress response. This is how it can influence so many elements of health.


All practitioners have full training  and are affiliated with appropriate governing bodies.

Women's health issues are often poorly diagnosed, treated or managed, often due to their complex nature. However, with the right understanding and holistic intervention, improvements can be made.


Please do not 'put up' with painful and irregular periods, urinary urgency and leakage, mood swings, fatigue. Advice and intervention can help.


Pregnancy and post- natal problems can be addressed. Issues such as pelvic girdle pain, sickness, headaches and symphysis pubis dysfunction are amongst the complaints commonly treated.