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Swedish Massage  


Swedish massage is holistic treating the mind, body and soul. When treating the body the mind and spirit are affected, therefore the treatment is holistic.  

Massage has been practised for thousands of years and benefits the client both physiologically and psychologically.  


Reasons for massage  


  • Time for self/ Relaxation  

  • Soothing aching muscles  

  • Stress relief  

  • Before/after exercise  

  • Cellulite  

  • Slimming  

  • Lymph drainage/ Fluid retention   

  • Blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated  

  • Feeling of well-being and an increase in confidence and self esteem  


Effects of massage  


  • Relaxes tense and contracted muscles due to increase blood flow  

  • Stimulates nerve endings, relieves muscular pain and fatigue – can help trapped nerves  

  • Increases lymph flow, aids removal of waste products and toxins – increase blood to the arteries pumps blood around the body, veins pump the blood out the body  

  • Warms tissues and produces erythema – reddening of the skin  

  • Increase cellular function and regeneration of body cells – massage removes dead skin cells  

  • Sebaceous (oil) secretions of the skin are increased moisturising the skin  

  • Loosens scar tissue  

  • Softens and mobilises localised fatty deposits – cellulite


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage  

  • Relaxation – massage during pregnancy helps to stop the build-up of tension, especially in the neck and shoulders   

  • In the later stages of pregnancy tension in the lower back caused by the extra weight of the baby can be alleviated  

  • Uplifting and revitalising – massage increases the flow of endorphins and minimizes fatigue – usually felt at the start and end of pregnancy  

  • Improves circulation – veins often become more apparent in pregnancy and there is a tendency to varicose veins (although we never massage over varicose areas!)  

  • Stimulation of lymphatic drainage – this is especially important during pregnancy because of an increased tendency to fluid retention in ankles and feet  

  • Relief of aches and pains – massage relieves aches and pains caused by distended ligaments and also the tendency to cramp   


General Benefits of Massage 


  • Boosts circulation – bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to cells  

  • Warms tissues  

  • Superficial and deeper layers of the skin are stimulated – cellular function is increased  

  • Increases lymphatic flow thus aiding removal of waste products and toxins  

  • Skin condition improved due to improved circulation and desquamation  

  • Lactic acid is removed from muscle tissue  

  • Relaxes tense and contracted muscles  

  • Stimulates or soothes nerve endings depending on massage movement being used  

  • Reduces pain and fatigue  

  • Reduction of blood pressure and pulse rate  


  • Relaxing or invigorating for mind and body – depending on client’s need   

  • Can help relieve symptoms of stress – restores the body to state of ‘rest and repose’  

  • Can help relieve depression by stimulation of endorphins (feel good hormones)  

  • Maintains skin suppleness and elasticity – helping to prevent stretch marks which often appear around the fifth month  

  • Induces a feeling of well-being – keeping the client relaxed and in harmony, preparing her for the birth.  

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in India for thousands of years.  

IHM is a treatment based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. 

A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint movement. 

IHM is also used to aid the condition and health of the hair, particularly when combined with the use of natural organic oils. 

Indian Head Massage is used by practitioners to help reduce stress and fatigue, increase mental clarity, and relax and rejuvenate the receiver.