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Face-to-face Courses Available

Acupuncture Foundation Course

This course aims to provide healthcare professionals working within a musculoskeletal setting, the skills to deliver safe and effective acupuncture treatments using a clinical reasoning approach, for the management of musculoskeletal pain conditions.  It will facilitate knowledge of Western evidence-based approach within a Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, allowing integration of skills for the management of pain and dysfunction. The course will provide participants with the skills relating to theory and application of acupuncture in musculoskeletal dysfunction to enhance pain management and augment existing rehabilitation techniques. 



Key Points:

-5 day course spread over approximately 6-8 weeks.

-Successful completion allows you to use acupuncture and dry needling in conjunction with your current health profession.

-In order to successfully complete the course, you must pass a short written exam, practical needling test and submit a case study.

Dry Needling Foundation Course

Dry Needling is a treatment technique whereby a sterile, single-use, fine filament needle (acupuncture needle) is inserted into the muscle to assist with decreasing pain and improving function through the release of myofascial trigger points (knots in the muscle).

Over the three days, all relevant theoretical and safety knowledge to be able to safely dry needle will be presented, and practical application of needling will be extensively practiced.


Key Points:

-3 day course

-Successful completion allows you to use dry needling in conjunction with musculoskeletal treatments.

-In order to successfully complete the course, you must pass a short written exam and a practical needling test.

Short CPD Courses

Just Therapy Education offers a range of short courses in specialist areas. Click on the titles below for further information:

Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Acupuncture in Women's Health

Acupuncture for the Upper Quadrant

Acupuncture for the Lower Quadrant

Acupuncture in Chronic Pain


Key Points:

-one day or custom made courses

-contact us if you wish to host these courses within your department