Our specialist paediatric physiotherapist works with children with a wide range of conditions. These include:

Neurological Conditions:

•Cerebral Palsy

•Acquired Brain Injury

•Traumatic Brain Injury

•Spinal cord injuries


Delayed Motor Development:


•Delay associated with prematurity

•Balance and Co-ordination

•Core stability

Vicki has worked within an extensive and experienced multi-disciplinary team in the NHS, specialising in the assessment and treatment of all childhood developmental disorders.  Vicki works closely with families and their children who have been affected by cerebral palsy, head injury, spinal cord injury, developmental delay and genetic conditions such as Downs Syndrome and Spina Bifida. Vicki also works with children who have other disorders of posture and movement e.g. postural control difficulties, toe-walking, growing pains and hypermobility.

Vicki uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to help children reach their potential.  She combines therapy with encouragement, play and challenge.  Vicki has extensive knowledge of, and experience in, specialised equipment and 24 hour postural management ensuring optimal outcomes for the child.