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Justine Munur



Justine qualfied as a physiotherapist in 2003 and has worked extensively in both the NHS and private clinics. She integrates acupuncture and physiotherapy into treatments that are holistic and are able to target the problem effectively.


Justine practices acupuncture within the Chinese Medicine framework and is able to use acupuncture to treat any ill health condition. She particularly specialises in women's health, such as bladder complaints, menstrual problems, pregnancy, vulvodynia, endometriosis and fertility, and in chronic health complaints such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Justine has her MSc in Acupuncture, with the topic of her research being the use of acupuncture in overactive bladder.


Justine teaches other health professionals in the use of acupuncture as a lecturer for the University of Hertfordshire and is often invited to speak at national conferences. She is passionate about promoting acupuncture and health, particularly in the field of women's health.